Top 5 reasons we’re on Instagram!

instagram-logoWe’re on several social media networks, from Facebook and Twitter to Flickr, but recently we’ve decided to setup an Instagram account for our business. Most social networks are useful in their own ways. Here is why were going with Instagram and why you should too.


#1. A picture is worth a thousand words.
Nuff said.

#2. Reaching a possible new audience in a cost and time effective way.
You’ll have the attention of the younger, millennial generation. Face it, Facebook has become a place for the older crowd and it’s just part of social media evolution. Most of the younger crowd wants to sign up on social media sites where they won’t run into Mom or Grandma. (No offense to Moms and Grandmas out there, you know the drill.)

As for cost and time, it’s free to use and you can set it up to cross promote your other accounts, sending one post to Twitter, Flickr, etc., then you’ll have a tool that just saved you time, and time adds up. And not to mention, when running a business, who has time to keep up with social media in the first place, so the easier, less steps, the better. — If you are in need of our social media expertise, feel free to contact us with any questions, we do offer social media management as an option. Some of our clients use it everyday, and others for events or specials. Email us.

instagram-aronfield-1#3. It adds a personal touch to your business.
Instagram Can Offer “A Behind the Scenes Look” into your business, keeping your brand in the conversation, building trust within the field. Many people look go with businesses who not only have an authority on the subject, but who shares their work in an open discussion, that’s where the trust comes into play.

#4. Unique opportunities: Contests, Conversations and going Viral
Every social media experience has it’s own advantages. Knowing the trends, engaging the right conversations, and offering fun contests can go along way. It doesn’t take spending a fortune to achieve viral success, only taking the time to be creative. — Again, if you need help in this department, we’ll be glad to help. (This is the fun part of our job.)

#5. It’s a fun tool that lets you be creative in driving traffic to your website or cause.
You have so many easily configurable combinations of creative effects to add to your photos, it makes the process seem more like fun than work. Not only will you be able to drive traffic to your website or cause, but with likes, comments, and tags you can put together a way to track your progress and to improve your viral techniques.

And to close, many of these points could carry over to other social networks, making use of their particular strong points.
We’ve recently opened our new Instagram account, check it out, lots more to come. See you on Instagram!

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By: Joel Bennett
CEO / Marketing Director


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