YouTube Intro Video Production

The art of a well produced introduction video

Last week we produced two YouTube intros, (or bumpers as some call it) and that’s what made us decided to dive into the world of intro videos for today’s blog. Intro videos are usually short and sweet videos that show the audience what you’re about in a quick glimpse. These types of videos can range between a few seconds to a few minutes long depending on the medium, format and your overall goals.

When relating to YouTube video, the goal could be to show off your Company logo to let the audience know it’s an official video by “such and such” Company, others may need a full show intro that lists everyone involved which often includes credits, cast and ultimately establishes you’re watching “such and such” show. These can be called intro videos, bumpers, openers, title sequence, to name a few as there are various ways to describe a simple intro video.

Today, modern intros take advantage of motion graphics and animation to spruce up their logo or general message to the audience. There are several options when making your intro video, and there is no right or wrong elements to produce your video, it’s mostly up to your preferences and audience. Some intro videos are made to be very classy, slow, simple and use standard professional shots, others may be very artsy, modern, and fast all while using some variation of animated / motion graphics.

Here are a few types of intro videos and below we’ll include a few broadcasting terms that surround the subject of intro videos.

ABOVE: Here we show a quick to the point intro using animated / motion graphics with a number of elements to make it look simple. If you notice the fire in the logo and the dust cloud when you hear the explosion, those elements were filmed on a green screen and layered to create what you see now. Although to note, this video wouldn’t have been made possible without the talent of Eryck Webb for his amazing artwork. Overall this short video turned out great, it has slight resemblance to the Marvel intro too. (Produced 5/31/14)

ABOVE: This video was created using animated graphics and photography of “The Vintage Doll”. This intro is slightly longer than the one above, and it has a classy, smooth feel to it. It’s mostly images with timed transitions to create a retro feel to it, which may sound simple, but it serves the overall theme of the video quite well and the music brings it to life even more. (Produced 5/30/14)

ABOVE: Last, we have another example using animated or motion graphics as the intro for Spotlight WV. (0:00 – 0:09)

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And here are a few broadcasting terms for the day.

YouTube Intro Video ProductionVideo Bumper:  a commercial bumper, ident bumper or break-bumper (often shortened to bump) is a brief announcement, usually two to 15 seconds in length that can contain a voice over, placed between a pause in the program and its commercial break, and vice versa. This same term is used when speaking of audio production such as radio, podcasts, etc..

Sweepers: A lot like a Bumper, this can be either be voice or voice over music or sound effects that bridge two elements of the show. These can also be used as station ID’s or introductions to different segments. Generally longer than a bumper, about 10-20 seconds in length.

Stingers: When you’re listening to a DJ and he says something then plays a fast piece of music or a sound effect to emphasize what he just said? That’s a stinger. These are very short, 1-3 second pieces.

Drops: These are sound bites that are lifted from movies, radio, TV, or albums. They can either be used as an emphasis (like a Stinger) or a transition (like a Bumper or Sweeper). There’s usually no set length.

Intro Title Sequence: A title sequence is the method by which films or television programs present their title, key production and cast members, or both, utilizing conceptual visuals and sound. It usually follows but should not be confused with the opening credits, which are generally nothing more than a series of superimposed text.

Interstitial Video ADs: An advertising video clip that is inserted in the middle of a website, MMS message, games or mobile app. This video plays back as you wait to load to another screen, as you read your text messages, or as you achieve goals in some mobile games.


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