Top 5 reasons we’re on Instagram!

instagram-logoWe’re on several social media networks, from Facebook and Twitter to Flickr, but recently we’ve decided to setup an Instagram account for our business. Most social networks are useful in their own ways. Here is why were going with Instagram and why you should too.


#1. A picture is worth a thousand words.
Nuff said.

#2. Reaching a possible new audience in a cost and time effective way.
You’ll have the attention of the younger, millennial generation. Face it, Facebook has become a place for the older crowd and it’s just part of social media evolution. Most of the younger crowd wants to sign up on social media sites where they won’t run into Mom or Grandma. (No offense to Moms and Grandmas out there, you know the drill.)

As for cost and time, it’s free to use and you can set it up to cross promote your other accounts, sending one post to Twitter, Flickr, etc., then you’ll have a tool that just saved you time, and time adds up. And not to mention, when running a business, who has time to keep up with social media in the first place, so the easier, less steps, the better. — If you are in need of our social media expertise, feel free to contact us with any questions, we do offer social media management as an option. Some of our clients use it everyday, and others for events or specials. Email us.

instagram-aronfield-1#3. It adds a personal touch to your business.
Instagram Can Offer “A Behind the Scenes Look” into your business, keeping your brand in the conversation, building trust within the field. Many people look go with businesses who not only have an authority on the subject, but who shares their work in an open discussion, that’s where the trust comes into play.

#4. Unique opportunities: Contests, Conversations and going Viral
Every social media experience has it’s own advantages. Knowing the trends, engaging the right conversations, and offering fun contests can go along way. It doesn’t take spending a fortune to achieve viral success, only taking the time to be creative. — Again, if you need help in this department, we’ll be glad to help. (This is the fun part of our job.)

#5. It’s a fun tool that lets you be creative in driving traffic to your website or cause.
You have so many easily configurable combinations of creative effects to add to your photos, it makes the process seem more like fun than work. Not only will you be able to drive traffic to your website or cause, but with likes, comments, and tags you can put together a way to track your progress and to improve your viral techniques.

And to close, many of these points could carry over to other social networks, making use of their particular strong points.
We’ve recently opened our new Instagram account, check it out, lots more to come. See you on Instagram!

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By: Joel Bennett
CEO / Marketing Director


West Virginias 150th Birthday

Celebrating 150 years of West Virginia! – Spotlight WV Magazine

West Virginias 150th Birthday

Spotlight WV – Summer 2013

We’re excited to be apart of the 150 year celebration of West Virginia being a State. We’ve just launched our Summer issue of Spotlight WV and just in time for all the festivities. Head on over to Spotlight WV’s Facebook page to have a chance to win some great prizes and enter for our monthly giveaways.

We’d also like to congratulate Andrew Yianne for being part of our 150th celebration issue, our youngest contributing photographer at fifteen years old. Andrew was our featured photographer and his photo of the National Gorge Bridge  (view from Long Point) made the cover, thanks Andrew.

You can check out more of Andrew’s work at

Come out and join the celebration! Visit to check out the event schedule.  (photo below via


Celebrate West Virginia’s 150th Birthday!





Aronfield Weddings - Wedding Video Services

Professional wedding videography in West Virginia – Aronfield Weddings

We’re pushing to revisit our Wedding business, offering premium Videography services, add our Wedding page on Facebook! Special thanks to Studio 109 Photography.

Aronfield Weddings - Wedding Video Services  Originally I started out in the wedding business, providing videography services, producing DVDs, etc. And although I enjoyed attending Weddings, and filming several variations of the Chicken Dance, I set that part of my business aside to pursue the marketing firm and establish Spotlight WV Magazine.

Now several years later I’m happy to announce we’re moving forward with our sister company “Aronfield Weddings” with the assistance of videographer Angie Roy and Kristi Majakey of Studio 109.

We’ll be updating our video production and CG demos on our website; You can check out our work on the website and fill out the contact form to ask any questions or to save the date. You can also reach us on Facebook, send us a message.

We’re very competitive with our prices, we maintain the highest professionalism in our business, and take pride in our work.

In addition to videography services, we’ll be listing our favorite photographers (with examples) and DJ services in your area.



PS: I’ll just leave this right here.

(This is not our footage, just had to see the Chicken Dance again, ha)

LA East in Beckley WV

Professional Photography is essential in marketing your business – Website Re-Design for LA East Fitness in Beckley, WV

LA East in Beckley WV

Owners – David Chinn  and Cyndie Chinn

We’re excited about the launch of the newly designed website for LA East Fitness, it’s only been a day and we’re getting lots of positive feedback. Visit their website at: We’re also working on sprucing up their Facebook page, including a (designed for Facebook) cover photo and including the full gallery from the photoshoot.

Special thanks to Steve Brightwell of Brightwell Photography for the interior shots, it gives you a nice glimpse of the equipment and atmosphere at LA East. Steve always comes though with top notch photography, a wonderful commercial  photographer and a real asset to any website.

Many websites don’t take advantage of having a professional photographer, not knowing the value behind it. Having a photoshoot can be beneficial for your whole online presence, from your website to social media, giving rich content that keeps the attention of your customers and gives more credibility to your business or products online. You’d be surprised at how many potential customers choose where to take their business by the quality of their photos, and how the photos portray their company, which again is why having a professional photographer for your business is essential in marketing your company or product.

Another great point is you’ll have new content for people to share on your favorite social media website, which will gain new viewers and likes for your business.

If you’d like more information about web design or hiring a professional photographer, send us a message. Thanks.

LA EAST Fitness is not a Gym, But a Fitness Facility Designed to offer a complete lifestyle change!


Spotlight WV Adventures on the Gorge Winner

Spotlight WV’s “Adventures On The Gorge” contest WINNER!

We’re happy to announce the winner of our “Adventures On The Gorge” contest. The WINNER is Jon Keeney of Charleston, WV! Jon will be receiving gift certificates with a total value of over $600.00 along with a few BONUS items from Spotlight WV! Thanks to everyone who took part in the contest, lots more to come! – Sign up for Spotlight WV’s Newsletter to hear about all their contests first! –

Spotlight WV Adventures on the Gorge Winner

Phillips Technologies Website Design Beckley WV

Website Re-Design – Phillips Technologies of Beckley, WV

Phillips Technologies Website Design Beckley WVWe recently had the pleasure of working with Phillips Technologies on re-designing their website. If you’d like to check out their website visit

“Phillips Technologies opened its doors on May 1, 1996 as Phillips Machine Service Inc. DBA Phillips Computer Service. Over the years we have provided Beckley and it’s surrounding counties and states with quality products and service.”

Phillips Technologies in Beckley West Virginia

Aronfield Studios is a proud partner of Phillips Technologies. They’re your source for all your technology needs!



Here’s a video we recently edited for Spotlight West Virginia including footage shot by Adventures On The Gorge. Check it out, more videos to come.

Located at the rim of the New River Gorge in southwestern West Virginia, Adventures on the Gorge is the home of the New River Gorge Adventure Resort including Class VI-Mountain River, The Rivermen, and TreeTops Canopy Tours.

A whitewater rafting trip on the New River or the Gauley River in West Virginia offers all rafting enthusiasts – from novices to experts – some of the best white water rafting in the world. Class VI-Mountain River is proud to have taken thousands of rafters on river rafting trips down the New River and Gauley since 1978.

With TreeTops Canopy Tour, Gravity New River Gorge Zip Lines AND now TimberTrek Aerial Park, we have the largest selection of aerial adventure in the world! And it’s right here in West Virginia!

DCIM100GOPROIf you’ve tried TreeTops and loved it, but want more zipping, more exposure, more height and more speed, well adrenalin people, have we got the zip lines for you — Gravity Zip Lines! Whereas TreeTops is pure canopy tour, with 10 zips in the trees up to 730 feet long, Gravity is above the trees. On Gravity, you’re zipping from mountain ridge to mountain ridge. The views are stunning and so is the height and speed. Gravity climaxes with the 3100-foot long Adrena-Line, the longest and fasts single zip line in the eastern U.S. Adrena-Line zippers routinely hit speeds of over 55 mph! And the best part? There are two of them side by side, so you can race your friends!

Many of these long, fast zips in the world require you to spread out to maximize wind resistance and slow you down for the break at the bottom. Not us. Ball up, scrunch it in, get aerodynamic. On Adrena-Line, the faster the better!

Songer Whitewater – White Water Rafting in West Virginia
Enjoy the best in outdoor adventure vacations, dining, entertainment, and lodging. As part of Adventures On The Gorge, West Virginia’s leading adventure resort perched on the rim of the New River Gorge, Songer Whitewater can provide you the whitewater rafting, rock climbing, zip-lining trip of a lifetime.

Footage courtesy of “Adventures On The Gorge”

Special Thanks to Hadouken! for letting us use their song “LEVITATE”

Edited By: Jole Aron

Thanks for watching!

Spotlight WV Magazine - Spring 2013

Spotlight WV Magazine – Spring 2013

We just published the new Spring issue of Spotlight WV Magazine, check it out.

Spotlight WV Magazine - Spring 2013Spotlight WV Magazine
Spring 2013
Cover Photo By: Randall Sanger
View Magazine –
Direct PDF Download (141MB)

aronfield studios - web design - video production - graphic design - promo video

Demo Reel Remix 2013 – Video Production

This is the first time making a Demo Reel with such a fast-paced theme. We used several video clips from over the years, ranging from 2006-2012. In this demo you’ll see motion graphics, TV commercials, visual effects, Music Videos, short films and more. Including video from Rokpad Entertainment, all shot, created and edited by Jole Aron. If you are interested in our services, contact us at the link below. Enjoy.

aronfield studios - web design - video production - graphic design - promo videoNOTE: This is a Remix video, if your not a fan of this style, the fast-paced and/or dubstep music, we have several other demos online here:

Video Production services in West Virginia.
For more information in your areas, click the links below.

“Video Production in Beckley, West Virginia”…

“Video Production in Charleston, West Virginia”…

Phillips Technologies

Proud partner of Phillips Technologies

Aronfield Studios is proud to partner with Phillips Technologies. They’re your source for all your technology needs!

They have a diverse customer base including homes and businesses that have depended on their products and services for over 15 years.
Phillips pride themselves on putting the customer first and they look forward to serving your home and business needs.

Phillips Technologies