LA East in Beckley WV

Professional Photography is essential in marketing your business – Website Re-Design for LA East Fitness in Beckley, WV

LA East in Beckley WV

Owners – David Chinn  and Cyndie Chinn

We’re excited about the launch of the newly designed website for LA East Fitness, it’s only been a day and we’re getting lots of positive feedback. Visit their website at: We’re also working on sprucing up their Facebook page, including a (designed for Facebook) cover photo and including the full gallery from the photoshoot.

Special thanks to Steve Brightwell of Brightwell Photography for the interior shots, it gives you a nice glimpse of the equipment and atmosphere at LA East. Steve always comes though with top notch photography, a wonderful commercial  photographer and a real asset to any website.

Many websites don’t take advantage of having a professional photographer, not knowing the value behind it. Having a photoshoot can be beneficial for your whole online presence, from your website to social media, giving rich content that keeps the attention of your customers and gives more credibility to your business or products online. You’d be surprised at how many potential customers choose where to take their business by the quality of their photos, and how the photos portray their company, which again is why having a professional photographer for your business is essential in marketing your company or product.

Another great point is you’ll have new content for people to share on your favorite social media website, which will gain new viewers and likes for your business.

If you’d like more information about web design or hiring a professional photographer, send us a message. Thanks.

LA EAST Fitness is not a Gym, But a Fitness Facility Designed to offer a complete lifestyle change!


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