Many changes ahead! We’ve been busy

It’s been several months since we’ve last posted a blog as we’ve been swamped with projects, so we’re going to share a few new changes that were excited about!


The highlights.
The print magazine we produce “Spotlight WV” is three years old, we’ve produced some commercials playing in movie theaters in throughout West Virginia, we’ve taken on some wonderful new clients and as of this past June (2015) our company is officially five years old! We’ve been collecting several client testimonials to celebrate and it’s been a very rewarding experience.


Changing our name: Where we’ve been, where we’re going.

Over the years we’ve changed our name before to accommodate to our services and clients needs. In 2010 we started with “Aronfield: Media and Tech Soulutions” since we offered tech services at the time. We decided to focus more on the production and marketing and then the name “Aronfield Studios” was born in 2011. We stopped offering tech services and partnered with Phillips Technologies to cross promote our services. This has worked well for years and now it’s time for one last change that will encompass all that we offer for our clients since we’ve grown so much as a company. We’re adopting the name “Aronfield Agency” to fit our services and options we offer. We cover an extensive list of branding, marketing and advertising services for your business. We’ve hired several freelance content creators, designers and programmers to help us keep up with the demand, and we still maintain our level of professionalism and quality to all of our clients, big and small.


Partnership change.
The tech company we partnered with (Phillips Technologies) was recently bought out this year buy a competing company (KTS), but it worked out for the best as they were already one of our clients and they were willing to keep the partnership going. We’re very grateful for their partnership and we’re excited for things to come.


“When you brand yourself properly, the competition becomes irrelevant.”

— Dan Schawbel

Volunteer work, non-profits and more.
As of July 2015, Joel Bennett (Aronfield Agency founder) is officially on the board of directors with the WV Dance Company working as part of their marketing committee. We’re also looking forward to working with Generation Charleston and Active SWV on a few things. And we’re also putting together a new logo for a non-profit, we’ll share that with you all soon.


So that’s a few things we’re working on, if you want to stay tuned with all that we’re doing, just follow us on Twitter as everything is linked together. Thanks for reading.


Thank you.
It’s overwhelming to say in the least how much we appreciate your business as we’ve become one of the top choices for web design and video production in West Virginia. We strive to go above and beyond your expectations as we always deliver quality products and results. Our work speaks for it’s self.

PS: Stay tuned for the launch of our new website with new case studies full of web and video projects!


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