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Spotlight West Virginia reaches 25,000 Likes on Facebook

Spotlight West Virginia

Our magazine is always pushing to new heights and we’re excited to have reached a recent milestone of 25,000 Likes on Facebook. Spotlight West Virginia Magazine has one of the largest online following of any West Virginia Magazine in the State.

Partly a success due from our background in marketing and design, we’re also very thankful of the overwhelming response from the community of West Virginians from all across the globe who send in their West Virginia photos, stories and memories on a daily basis. We’re in our second year as a print magazine and we’re only going up from here!  THANK YOU!

Message from Spotlight West Virginia:

We have passed over 25,000 likes and as promised we have several new contests and prizes coming very soon! Thanks for everyone sharing their photos with us, it means a great deal to us. Thanks Everyone, and if you enjoy our page, please share it with your friends.

SPOTLIGHT WEST VIRGINIA NEWS Our Summer issue will be released June 15th, 2013. For more details, visit out website or sign up for our monthly newsletter on Spotlight

Aronfield Weddings - Wedding Video Services

Professional wedding videography in West Virginia – Aronfield Weddings

We’re pushing to revisit our Wedding business, offering premium Videography services, add our Wedding page on Facebook! Special thanks to Studio 109 Photography.

Aronfield Weddings - Wedding Video Services  Originally I started out in the wedding business, providing videography services, producing DVDs, etc. And although I enjoyed attending Weddings, and filming several variations of the Chicken Dance, I set that part of my business aside to pursue the marketing firm and establish Spotlight WV Magazine.

Now several years later I’m happy to announce we’re moving forward with our sister company “Aronfield Weddings” with the assistance of videographer Angie Roy and Kristi Majakey of Studio 109.

We’ll be updating our video production and CG demos on our website; You can check out our work on the website and fill out the contact form to ask any questions or to save the date. You can also reach us on Facebook, send us a message.

We’re very competitive with our prices, we maintain the highest professionalism in our business, and take pride in our work.

In addition to videography services, we’ll be listing our favorite photographers (with examples) and DJ services in your area.



PS: I’ll just leave this right here.

(This is not our footage, just had to see the Chicken Dance again, ha)

Willie Nelson Flier Design Charleston WV

Print Graphic Design – Fliers, Menus, Ads & Magazines

Since we’ve started our Aronfield Studios: “Behind the Scenes” Blog, we haven’t posted much of our Graphic Design work, so here’s a glimpse of our design, from Event Fliers, Restaurant Menus, Print Ads to full page Magazines. If you’re looking for graphic design work, send us a message here. Thanks.

Landau Graphic Design Beckley WV

Landau Murphy Jr. – Beckley, WV

Graphic Design Flyers Beckley WV

Animation – Graphic Design – Beckley, WV

Event Flier Graphic Design Memphis TN

Graphic Design – Memphis, TN

Flier Design Princeton WV

Flier Design Princeton, WV

Restaurant Flier Design

Restaurant Flier Graphic Design


Print Graphic Design

Print Graphic Design – Aronfield Studios



Print Design Aronfield Studios

Print Graphic Design – Aronfield Studios

Concert Flier Design Huntington WV

Concert Flier Design Huntington, WV

Willie Nelson Flier Design Charleston WV

Willie Nelson Flier Design Charleston, WV

Manilow Flier Design Huntington WV

Manilow Flier Design Huntington, WV


Open Mike Design

Local Open Mic Night Flier Design – Beckley, WV

Music Flier

Open Mic Night Graphic Design

Anne Cline Flier Design 2013

Anne Cline Flier Design 2013



Aronfield Studios AD SPWV2 - sm

Spotlight West Virginia Magazine – Graphic Design – Aronfield Studios


LA East in Beckley WV

Professional Photography is essential in marketing your business – Website Re-Design for LA East Fitness in Beckley, WV

LA East in Beckley WV

Owners – David Chinn  and Cyndie Chinn

We’re excited about the launch of the newly designed website for LA East Fitness, it’s only been a day and we’re getting lots of positive feedback. Visit their website at: We’re also working on sprucing up their Facebook page, including a (designed for Facebook) cover photo and including the full gallery from the photoshoot.

Special thanks to Steve Brightwell of Brightwell Photography for the interior shots, it gives you a nice glimpse of the equipment and atmosphere at LA East. Steve always comes though with top notch photography, a wonderful commercial  photographer and a real asset to any website.

Many websites don’t take advantage of having a professional photographer, not knowing the value behind it. Having a photoshoot can be beneficial for your whole online presence, from your website to social media, giving rich content that keeps the attention of your customers and gives more credibility to your business or products online. You’d be surprised at how many potential customers choose where to take their business by the quality of their photos, and how the photos portray their company, which again is why having a professional photographer for your business is essential in marketing your company or product.

Another great point is you’ll have new content for people to share on your favorite social media website, which will gain new viewers and likes for your business.

If you’d like more information about web design or hiring a professional photographer, send us a message. Thanks.

LA EAST Fitness is not a Gym, But a Fitness Facility Designed to offer a complete lifestyle change!


Spotlight WV Adventures on the Gorge Winner

Spotlight WV’s “Adventures On The Gorge” contest WINNER!

We’re happy to announce the winner of our “Adventures On The Gorge” contest. The WINNER is Jon Keeney of Charleston, WV! Jon will be receiving gift certificates with a total value of over $600.00 along with a few BONUS items from Spotlight WV! Thanks to everyone who took part in the contest, lots more to come! – Sign up for Spotlight WV’s Newsletter to hear about all their contests first! –

Spotlight WV Adventures on the Gorge Winner


NOTICE: Change of Hosting Company

hostingAfter several years with our hosting company, we are changing hosts due to a lack of customer service. I mention the previous company we used, but it’s one of the most used Hosting companies. We’re switching several of our clients over to a company you may know, called Hostgator. They are among the top 5 best hosting companies in the world and they strive to have great customer service and technical support. Sure, it may cost slightly more, but it’s more than worth it when your business is on the line. We’re delighted with their level of customer service and attention to detail and it’s only been a few days. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly. – Joel



Hosting Horror Story

hostgatorToday, I was making some changes to my hosting account when I needed to call the company to ask a simple question. (Not pointing out the current hosting company) Well, after 10 minutes of waiting, I’m in contact with the “Technical Support” center in Bangladesh, which is fine, but the “tech” does not understanding the simplest of questions. They give general answers, as if their reading from a script. Finally, after 45 minutes of trying to understand each other, they tell me they don’t know. I then spend a few minutes Googling the issue and cleared it up. Over the years, we hardly ever needed the use of their technical team, but if we ever needed their assistance, I would expect better service that what I had to deal with today.

Fast-Forward to three hours later, I’m signing up with a new Hosting company as a suggestion from a life-long friend in the business, Web Developer, Patrick Godbey. Well, no longer than 20 minutes later I get a strange call from my new Hosting company (HostGator). They introduced themselves, said they were here to help, and they asked all sorts of helpful questions, which was just foreign to me.  I was floored by the personal attention and strong communication from the new company, which already was 1000 times better in 20 minutes of services, compared to over 8 years of service with the other hosting company, which I’m paying more for at the moment. To note: No, I’m not being paid to advertise any Hosting company, nor do I get any type of discounts.

So over the next few months, I’ll be slowing transferring several of my clients over to the hosting company, HostGator.

Now to be clear, I’m not saying that HostGator is the only option. This is our option and we’re happy with it. There are several highly rated Hosting companies, here is a link below from which shows their top 5, which HostGator is included. If you need help choosing what’s best for you, feel free to send me an email:

Top Five Hosting Companies


Aronfield Studios

A Word From Our Owner – “Thank You”

Aronfield StudiosA big thanks to everyone who has helped spread the word about my business over the years. What started with designing a few websites part-time has developed into a full-time Marketing Firm, and I couldn’t have done it without you all. We thrive on the success of our clients and their experiences with us. We’ve gained new business from your word of mouth, time and time again and we strive to continue to do so.  So thank you, to each and every one of you who has helped Aronfield Studios achieve new heights!


JB sign-sm2
Aronfield Studios
Joel Bennett





Phillips Technologies

Proud partner of Phillips Technologies

Aronfield Studios is proud to partner with Phillips Technologies. They’re your source for all your technology needs!

They have a diverse customer base including homes and businesses that have depended on their products and services for over 15 years.
Phillips pride themselves on putting the customer first and they look forward to serving your home and business needs.

Phillips Technologies

Aronfield Studios Blog

Welcome to our Blog

Aronfield Studios Blog

Welcome to our Blog, a “Behind the Scenes” look of our business, from ideas to reality. More to come, enjoy!